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Alfascope is a leading Hepatology and Gastroenterology medical center in Egypt. Twelve years ago, twelve eminent university professors who are leading figures in the field, adopted the ‘union’ concept, together we can do better. Indeed, starting the first and one of a kind gastrointestinal center in Egypt, has made the big difference and proved to be an added value to the Egyptian health care sector. Since 1998, Alfascope was able to deliver the most up to date elite service to Egyptian and regional Patients, using the finest and most sophisticated

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equipments that without the ‘union’ concept would not have been neither affordable nor offerable. And the endoscopic Ultrasonography, are only examples of the pioneer and exclusive work of alfascope at the time of their introduction in Egypt. Not only the sophisticated equipments but also, and more importantly, the soave skills of the personnel. Alfascope has since delivered to the patients the best evidence based and most up to date medical Practice.Amongst the many examples are the innovative solutions for management of gastrointestinal bleeding like the haemostatic clips, which were at a time only used by Alfascope staff; the state of the art pancreaticobilliary unit and the unprecedented interventional endoscopic techniques performed by Alfascope staff. Worthy of note, is the almost attention given to the issue of endoscopic disinfection, sterilization and hygiene. Alfascope was and still is, committed to the strict European and American guidelines of sterilization and patient hygiene the equipment used for sterilization at Alfascope is the genuine equipment used elsewhere is Europe. Any object used by any patient is single use. Monitoring and evaluation of this sterilization system is under going regular verification and testing to ensure the prefect out come.
Last but not at all least, it would be appropriate to mention that Alfascope being situated in the elegant safa medical tower at the heart of greater Cairo, neighboring many specialized medical centers such as Alfalab, Alfascan, Alfapneumocare, Alfacath, etc and of course the elegant safa hospital with the full services of a general hospital and a highly reputed intensive care unit, all are partners of success to deliver a comprehensive care approach to the patient. Never the less, Alfascope started reaching out to more people in need of our supportive care, through satellites in other parts of Egypt and soon internationally. Our vision, mission and superstition is care of our patient by the best available means world wide.