Alfascope is a leading Hepatology and Gastroentero-
logy medical center in Egypt.
Twelve years ago, twelve eminent university professors who are leading figures in the field, adopted the ‘union’ concept, together we can do better. Indeed, starting the first and one of a kind gastrointestinal center in Egypt, has made the big

difference and proved to be an added value to the Egyptian health care sector. Since 1998, Alfascope was able to deliver the most up to date elite service to Egyptian and regional Patients, using the finest and most sophisticated equipments that without the ‘union’ concept would not have been neither affordable nor offerable.


Alfascope center is the first in Egypt to use the Vido Capsule Endoscopy (VCE ), for Management of complex digestive diseases especially those of the small bowel and obscure GI bleeding. We have the experience With more than one hundred patients whom we managed their ailments using this highly sophisticated technology.

Alfascope announces the start of a Tag Heuer replica specialized clinic for liver tumors. Involving, early diagnosis of liver cancer (Hepatocellular carcinoma, HCC) and different modalities of treatment with the latest technology and science.

Intragastric balloons for endo-
copic treatment of obesity and
all endoscopic procedures for management of bariatric com
plications, are now available at alfascope.